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welcome to braning land surveying. we work in the denver metro area, golden co, front range, foothills.our clients include homeowner, architect, title company, mortgage company etc. We do boundary survey, pin survey, lot survey, land survey plat, subdivision plat, improvement survey plat, topographic survey, ilc, improvement location certificate, site plan, height survey, minor amendment, minor plat, exemption survey, construction staking, foundation staking, legal description preparation, easement description preparation, drainage certificate, flood certificate, residential structure exclusion, R.S.E and  F.E.M.A surveys. We also work for small developer, engineer, custom home builder, mountain land owner in areas like  arvade, bow mar, boulder, brighton, cherry hills village, conifer, denver, englewood, evergreen, genesee, golden, golden gate canyon, greenwood village, indian hills, lakewood, littleton, pine junction, sheridan, thornton, westminster, wheat ridge, idaho springs, unincorporated, jefferson, adams, arapahoe, boulder, clear creek county, douglas, and gilpin  county. We accept  paypal..




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  Here are some more services we provide

Site Plan Preparation

    Site plans are sometimes necessary if you plan to obtain a building permit from a city or county for an addition or for new construction.

Height Survey

    Height surveys are required by some municipalities to ensure your new construction doesn't exceed the height or elevation specified in the original site plan, building permit or building plan submitted to that municipality.

Minor Subdivision Plat

    Minor Subdivision platting is allowed when one wishes to reconfigure a previously subdivided lot or lots. This is an administrative process usually allowed by a city or county. This process can make it possible to move previously platted lot lines, eliminate lot lines, change easements, reconfigure building envelopes etc.                                 

Exemption Survey

    Exemption Surveys are another way a previously established parcel of land can be reconfigured.  This is usually an  administrative process allowed by some counties and cities.


Construction Staking

    Curb and gutter staking, mountain driveway and road staking, detention pond and drainage way staking, retaining wall staking, property line and fence staking etc.

Foundation Staking

    If you are constructing a new home or building addition you may need to have foundation corner stakes and/or offset stakes established particularly if you have setback requirements. So, if your site plan indicates your new foundation is located 5' from the side property lines and you have 5' side setback requirements you will need to make sure that foundation doesn't end up closer than 5' to the property line.  Setbacks are established by your county or city planning and zoning department. If you violate setback requirements with your new construction it usually means a variance procedure with the city or county that takes time, additional money and aggravation and can hold up the progress of your construction project.

Legal Description Preparation, Easement Description Creation

Drainage Certificate

    Drainage certificates are required by some municipalities after your new home or addition is constructed. A drainage certificate shows as built elevations and grading and drainage patterns which should ideally match the proposed spot elevations and grading and drainage patterns shown on the original site plan/building plan submitted at the time your building permit was obtained

Flood Certificate (F.E.M.A.)

    A flood certificate may be required if it is possible your property is located in a flood zone.


Residential Structure Exclusion (R.S.E.)

    When certain criteria are met, Jefferson County allows this more simplified procedure to legalize a parcel of land that was created in violation of Senate Bill 35 regulations. Among other things, Senate Bill 35 prohibited the division of land where the resulting parcels are less than 35 acres in size.




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